Content Locker – WordPress plugin to Lock or Hide Contents

By March 20, 2015Wordpress Plugins

We spend hours and hours to write engaging, relevant, and unique content. Some people, comes to our site copies all of our content in no time. This is not fair for the hardworking and dedicated writers. Well the good news is, now you can secure your content.

Content Locker is an easy to go WordPress plugin that will help you out to secure all of your pivotal contents of your site. The contents will be displayed to the visitors only after sharing the same on Social Medias. This is what you wanted…right?

Content Locker has been developed for every people; that means if you are not aware of technical part of plugin then also you can use it. You can customize the plugin from admin panel as easily as chop-chop. To make it better and interesting, you can set text color, radius, background color, border, and many thing more. As the content is your, so will be your message. You can set default message for your content box for displaying.

The crown jewel of Content Locker is that it supports three most used social sites: Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. Don’t worry, it won’t harm your content. It simply generates a shortcode that can be easily used in any posts or even pages.

As a user, one of the greatest advantage of content Locker that I can see is sharing on social sites. To get the content displayed, people will share your content on sites and hence you will get more traffic and your Google rank would also be improved.

Key features of Content Locker:

  • 100% customizable.
  • Support three social sites: Facebook, Twitter, and Google+
  • Content can easily be hide and will be displayed only after sharing.
  • Multiple content lockers on multiple pages or posts can be added.
  • Integrated plugin shortcode with wordpress default editor in both visual and Text mode.
  • Set your own message, URL, delay time using shortcode.
  • Customizable “Share to unlock” message.
  • No alerts from Plugin Check and WP_DEBUG.
  • Compatible with Latest WordPress version.

There are two versions of Content Locker. These are:

  1. Hosted License: It is for those who want to install the plugin in their site. This version can be installed in only one site. It costs $12.00 only.
  2. Developer License: It is designed especially for developers. This version can be used for unlimited websites. It costs $50 only.

The above two versions contains all the features. Additionally, we provide lifetime support for the plugin as well. So in case of any assistance let us know. Try demo of Content Locker. Once you try it, you will surely going to love it. Trust me.


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