Easily Add A Social Coupon System To Your Site: Social Coupon for WooCommerce

Social Coupon for WooCommerce is a useful WooCommerce extension that lets you easily and efficiently add a social a social coupon system to your website, allowing users to get instant discounts for sharing your pages.
Eventually, with this WooCommerce Plugin, you can expand your customer base in no time. In sort, you can say that Social Coupon for WooCommerce helps you gain tons of new fans and followers for your online shop/brand and eventually help you in increasing your social media traffic as well.

Pretty Cool!!! Isn’t it?

This WooCommerce Extension comes with tons of features that you will definitely find useful for your website. With Social Coupon for WooCommerce, you can:

  • Build Up Fan Base
  • Free Marketing of Your Brand through Product Shares
  • Quick and Easy Setup
  • Many Customizing Features, Like adding Thank you Message.

How to Use This Social Coupon for WooCommerce!

Sounds Obvious but first you need to install this Plugin in your website. Once you installed the plugin, you can customize the plugin as per your preference.
The features that you can customize in this Social Coupon are:

  • Enable on cartpage: Select to display social coupon box on cart page.
  • Enable on checkout page: Select to display social coupon box on checkout page.
  • Coupon code: Set coupon code which should be applied after Like or share the content
  • Enable Facebook: Display Facebook Like on Social Coupon box
  • Facebook URL: Set URL which share on Facebook
  • Facebook Application Id: Set Facebook application to check Facebook Like stats.
  • Refresh Delay: Enable refresh delay. Page refresh after refresh delay time to display Thank you message.
  • Refresh Delay Time: Set the time in seconds. This gives your customers the opportunity to write about it on their wall.
  • Enable Twitter: Display Twitter share on Social Coupon box.
  • Twitter URL: Set URL which share on Twitter
  • Tweet: Set the text you want to share on Twitter
  • Enable Google Plus: Display Google Plus on Social Coupon box.
  • Google plus URL: Set URL which share on Google plus.
  • Message: Set message which appear to visitor before Like or share the content.
  • Thank you message: Set message which appear to visitor after Like or share the content.
  • Test Mode: Enable if you don’t want to hide the social coupon box after like or share.
  • Include CSS: Enable if you want to include default CSS provided by the plugin.
  • Social button alignment: Set social button alignment in social coupon box. This option only works if Include CSS option enable.
  • Disable jQuery: If jQuery already included by theme or some other plugin than check this option.

Once the page is shared on any of the major Social Media, including Facebook, Twitter, & Google Plus, the coupon is automatically applied, and the message that you have set will be displayed.


This Content Locker for PHP comes in two License

  • Hosted License: It is for those who want to use this extension on a single website. It costs $16.00 only.
  • Developer License: It is designed especially for developers and can be used on unlimited websites. It costs $70 only.

The above two versions contains all the features. Additionally, we provide lifetime support for the plugin as well. So in case of any assistance, you can contact us, we will assist you. Try demo of Social Coupon for WooCommerce for FREE. You will definitely going to love it and get benefit from it, like many other users of the same. Go for it, and get more traffic from social sites.

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