WordPress Ad Plugin to Engage Users: Smart Ads

By 26/03/2015 January 26th, 2018 Wordpress Plugins

What happens when any user comes on your site? They spend time, scroll down, get bored, and leaves your website? Have you ever thought why even the needy visitors leaves your website before even browsing it completely? It’s not that they didn’t find anything useful, it’s just that they felt bored and left your site. You always calculate bounce rate of your site, have you ever calculated how to drop the bounce rate. By improving content is a good idea but something else can also be done. If Content is King, then Marketing is the queen and runs the household.

So here’s a great way to engage your users: Smart Ads. Read on to know more about it.

Smart Ads is basically a WordPress Plugin for advertisement which engages users in a different and smarter way. It has been calculated in a recent survey that mostly visitors closes sites after opening it because the sites fail to engage them irrelevant of its attractive content. In such situation, you can opt for Smart Ads.

Smart Ads hides contents in posts and pages on basis of two things:

  • Total spend time
  • Vertical Scroll

That means either after certain time or after scrolling certain pixel of page, an advertisement is displayed. You can display any sort of message to your visitors as well, that can engage them for longer time on your site. In this way, Smart Ads has many benefits that includes:

  • Engage users without doing anything
  • Chances of Increase number of Clicks on Ad
  • Fall in bounce rate
  • Increase revenue

This is all you want right? So, go for it.

Key Features of Smart Ads:

  • 100% customizable
  • Inject advertisement/message script to all posts by single click.
  • Integrated plugin shortcode with WordPress default editor.
  • Full control over interaction type like ‘on click’ or ‘page scroll’.
  • Hide content
  • No alerts from plugin check and WP_DEBUG.
  • Compatible with latest WordPress version

Smart Ads comes in two version. These are:

1. Hosted License: It is for those who want to install the plugin in their site. This version can be installed in only one site. It costs $10.00 only.

2. Developer License: It is designed especially for developers. This version can be used for unlimited websites. It costs $40.00 only.

The above two versions contains all the features. Additionally, we provide 1 month free support for the plugin as well. So in case of any assistance, you can contact us, we will assist you. Try demo of Smart Ads for FREE. You will definitely going to love it and get benefit from it, like many other users of Smart Ads. Trust me.

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